Layering: 5 ways to pair your shirt with style

One of the secrets to create an outfit is knowing all about the art of layering. The concept of layering consists in combining of different layers of clothing to create effects and color contrasts, without sacrificing comfort and practicality, for an outfit that also provides optimal protection against the cold.
This is why layering is particularly appreciated in the world of outdoor fashion, especially by heritage brands such as B.D. Baggies. Originating as a brand specializing in shirts, over the years B. D. Baggies has developed a series of products that constitute the ideal school to learn all the secrets of layering and create a unique look inspired by American fashion.

So here are five ways to layer B. D. Baggies apparel

Shirt tucked into pants + t-shirt

If wearing a shirt over a t-shirt is the most basic form of layering, the final look can be elevated by fastening the bottom buttons of the shirt and tucking it into your pants. The union between the deep neckline that frames the monochrome t-shirt below and the shirt that falls softly around the waist will give character to the outfit, especially when combined with an eye-catching belt.

Shirt + vest

With their relaxed look, B.D. Baggies shirts lend themselves perfectly to being worn in a casual, carefree way. Nevertheless, those wishing to add a little complexity to their outfit can overlay the shirt (even oversize) with a vest. B.D. Baggies offers different styles, all with practical, handy pockets, in many different textures, to go with every look and color. The vest, worn over the shirt, will not only provide a casual-chic vibe but will also lend structure to the outfit, alternating the soft and light textures of the shirt with the more robust ones of the vest.

Overshirt + vest + t-shirt

A more complex combination consists of a t-shirt under a vest, which glimpsed under an overshirt will be the main focus of the look. This combination is recommended for colder days, the numerous pockets certainly make it practical, but it is also very original thanks to the contrasting colors and textures that can be obtained. There are numerous overshirts in the B.D. Baggies catalogue in many outdoors-inspired patterns, making for infinite combinations in different volumes and color palettes.

Overshirt + shirt

This particular look with its Western vibes, based on layering a shirt and an overshirt, is perhaps the most classic of all those suggested. The advice is to keep the shirt tucked into the pants to avoid too much contrast between the lengths of the two. In this case, the overshirt can function as a jacket giving the combination a slightly smarter tone without losing any of its comfort.